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     I got a really good deal on upholstery cleaning from Sutton Carpet Cleaning Services and was very impressed with the results.
Abby Sinclaire19/05/2020
     This is the best cleaning company that I have ever used. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing cleaning in the future.
Ryan H.19/09/2019
     I've been using this cleaning company for a few years now. To date, nothing untoward has happened. SuttonCarpetCleaners have only impressed.
Simona S.11/06/2018
     I can't rate the cleaning team from Sutton Carpet Cleaning Services highly enough. They were just terrific in every aspect of their work.
Natalie A.27/02/2018
     There are times when you just have your hands full all the way and no matter how hard you try to fix the problems you are having with cleaning you just can't cut it. I needed help and I called SuttonCarpetCleaners. They provided a splendid service one can be proud of - thank you for doing an amazing job.
David B.29/08/2016
     I was going through my spring cleaning and I noticed I was avoiding my kitchen. It had become very cluttered and dusty over time and I didn't want to clean it. When it finally came the time for me to see to it, I knew I needed Carpet Cleaning Sutton. Their cleaners assisted me with the job, splitting up the work. The cleaners' knowledge and the equipment they brought along meant the job went better than it ever could if I was doing it alone. We got things done in no time and my kitchen is now cleaner than every other room in my house. Next time I'm spring cleaning, I'll hire them for the whole job.
Andrea Stone27/05/2015
     My carpets are always getting messy. Me and my fiancé go hiking and so we always have muddy shoes. We called SuttonCarpetCleaners to see if they could wash the floors and make them look good again. After a free quote, we hired them and were happy with the results. A cleaner came and washed every carpet thoroughly, ensuring there was no dirt or stain remaining. We are amazed at the results and will definitely hire them again.
Dean Evans18/12/2014
     SuttonCarpetCleaners did a terrific job cleaning my house. The team arrived exactly when they said they will and worked tirelessly on my house for five hours straight. I have quite a big house and there are many things to clean but none of the cleaners complained or made excuses. They paid attention to every detail in the house, even the dust on the photo frames was removed. I am so glad I called them to my cleaning job. I am definitely going to recommend their top notch cleaning service to everyone I know.
Susan R.04/12/2014
     I am no fan of cleaning and I hate having to spend my weekends dealing with it. SuttonCarpetCleaners were brought in to help relieve that particular burden and they do a very professional job. My place is perfectly clean and shiny when they have been to visit. I don't know how exactly they go about the work but they bring all their own cleaning equipment with them and it seems to work a treat. I would recommend this cleaning company to others in need of a good quality cleaner - they are also very cheap compared to many others in the area.
Neil M.14/11/2014
     Hard floor cleaning is no easy task. Our floors are wooded throughout the flat and we, like so many others, are a little nervous about thoroughly cleaning them without damaging them in some way however minor. This is why we tend to use SuttonCarpetCleaners and get them round to our place to get the floors looking sparkling, pristine and clean. They have not let us down yet and have proven themselves over time to be reliable professionals with immense skill and a great attitude to getting a tough job done. A really great service that always leaves us happy!
     In the city there are so many cleaning companies to choose from I never know which one to pick. For me, it's all about contractors who have years of experience so I can trust them to do a good job. A little time on the Internet and I saw SuttonCarpetCleaners mentioned on a number of forums. The cleaners have been in the industry for years and I felt no hesitation in trusting them around the house. If you're looking for a cleaning team that has tonnes of experience, this is the way to go.
Trish F.19/09/2014
     I've always struggled to maintain a clean bathroom, it's just been one of those things I've never particularly enjoyed doing. Lots of being on my hands and knees, scrubbing away at enamel surfaces, it's never really appealed to me to be honest. Thank god I found SuttonCarpetCleaners to help me with my bathroom woes. Not only was their service affordable, it was also incredibly quick, with high attention to detail. It was excellent to see someone who cared so much about the state of my bathroom! Wonderful job!
Linda C.04/09/2014
     I always figured that a professional cleaner would cost a ton of money, but it turns out I was wrong. All it took was a bit of shopping around, and I found a cleaner that not only does a fantastic job, but didn't charge a whole bunch either! SuttonCarpetCleaners takes cleaning seriously. There were marks on the living room carpet that would take a bomb to get rid of, but they got rid of them easy! They're simple to hire too, I just called them up, and later that day the cleaners showed up. I'm totally satisfied with the experience that I was provided with!
     I wanted my furniture cleaning by professionals after a party I held for my birthday. I noticed that there were some stains from drinks and food. I couldn't afford to buy new items so I thought it would be best to get it cleaned by specialists. My sister told me about a firm shed had used before called SuttonCarpetCleaners. She said they had done a great job for her. So I called and booked the upholstery clean. The staff was brilliant from, the workers arrived with their gear and got to work dealing with the stains and the general clean. After they had finished you couldn't spot a stain or mark anywhere. It looked marvelous.
Rosie Widman24/07/2014
     I was in need of my upholstery cleaning in my home as it was looking a little worst for ware. With the pet odours from the cats and dogs the furniture did not smell so good. I was given the number of a cleaning company, of which I called and booked a meeting. SuttonCarpetCleaners were wonderful and explained the procedure of how the cleaners would deal with the cleaning process. The techniques involved the minimal chemicals so there would be no problems afterwards. The clean went great and results were fantastic. My upholstery looks almost like new and the house smells so fresh and clean.
Marshall S.12/06/2014
     Knowing full well that I should really be doing it myself, I am extremely happy with the results I have been getting from SuttonCarpetCleaners none the less! It is a marvelous thing to have the place looking so wonderful when they have been round, it's an effect that I can't seem to manage, despite my best efforts! Having had a couple of cleaning services in the past, I can safely say that this one is the best that I have ever used, and I hope that other people feel the same! A lovely bunch with a great service to provide, excellent.
Arnold Harrington29/04/2014
     SuttonCarpetCleaners really helped to turn my office from an unclean place into a happy and sanitary work environment. I'd used the same office cleaning service for years, but I was beginning to see a lot of flaws in the service provided. The cleaners were very unprofessional and never left anything as clean as my new cleaners do! Even my employees have commented on the difference that this cleaning company have made, and I'm really pleased with the service and their prices! This is the best office cleaning service in the area - couldn't live without them and wouldn't use anyone else!
Adam F.16/04/2014
     There is nothing more frustrating than working 6 days a week and then spending the 7th day cleaning. I decided to give SuttonCarpetCleaners a try and never looked back from that point on. By using their home cleaning services, I am not able to spend my one day off relaxing, socialising and doing things that I enjoy like shopping or going out for dinner with friends. I was gobsmacked to see how little their great services cost so that was definitely a bonus. This company has become a part of my life and I do not think I can survive without them by my side!
Kerry J.27/03/2014
     I'd hope that those reading this would trust me when I say that my cleaning company, SuttonCarpetCleaners are very much the best in the business. I have used many cleaning services in my time, and I can safely say that this lot are the best crew I've worked with. Having an excellent cleaning team is a serious godsend, especially when I am as old as I am, and not as mobile as I'd perhaps like to be... A really good cleaning service, and excellent value, there is little more that you could want!
Lucille Chambers05/03/2014
     The cleaning team at SuttonCarpetCleaners were excellent throughout the entirety of my office clean. I needed a thorough, one-off business clean. I was relocating some stock and needed to clear out some space. A professional clean was completely necessary. The staff at SuttonCarpetCleaners were able to start working immediately after calling them. They provided a quick service at a low price. Their staff were friendly and they were diligent. I will surely use their services in the future and recommend them highly.
Steven Berry18/02/2014
     A carpet clean really isn't something I ever thought I would end up reviewing, but here goes! SuttonCarpetCleaners really have done a good job of cleaning my floors. It is that simple really, I called them, they gave me a quote and then they came and did a fantastic job in double-quick time. The staff that turned up were courteous, efficient and seemed incredibly knowledgeable, although given my level of education on floor cleaning that is no surprise. If you need your carpets cleaned, I really don't think you will find a better option than SuttonCarpetCleaners.
E. Deeney30/01/2014

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